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I want to share with you a few bad dating profile cliches I found within minutes on POF.

Cliches of men on dating websites

Point out your strengths and remove this overused cliche from your dating profile. What the hell does this even mean?

5 Dating Cliches to Avoid

If you really live life to the fullest, share some examples. If you have to put this on your dating profile, you probably bring the drama or play games yourself. Keep it off your dating profile. There several of other cliches used on dating profiles.

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But one of the up and comers is using Netflix on dating profiles. So you love Netflix nights at home, how original.

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This is red flag. When I see the 6-foot conundrum on a girl's profile, it immediately signifies to me that she merely has a checklist that a guy must live up to; she isn't interested in getting to know my personality or interests or anything, she just wants someone who will help her check off all her boxes regarding a mate.

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And more importantly, it signifies that she's shallow. Okay, cool, so they don't just sit at home on the couch all day, good to know. But what does this even mean, anyhow? Do they like going hiking and on cross-country road trips?

10 Dating Clichés That Are Definitely Not True Anymore If You’re In Your 30s

Or do they like drunkenly walking eight blocks at 12am to get pizza and walking 10 minutes into a forest to get high? Maybe all of the above, I'm not sure. Whenever I come across this statement on someone's profile, I can never find the pictures-or personality-to back it up. Sure, they like adventures, but what is an adventure to them and have you been on any?

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  5. People believe this statement portrays them as fun and exciting, or maybe even adventurous, but it has become far too common on people's dating profiles and screams a lack of creativity. This opening line is a user-favorite across online dating platforms but definitely not a fan favorite.

    Nine online dating clichés you MUST avoid - and how to write the perfect profile - Mirror Online

    What this statement essentially says is, "I look down upon people using online dating and can't believe I've stooped this low myself. People don't care if this is your first rodeo, but bringing attention to it under such light is very unbecoming and portrays an attitude of reluctance and superiority.

    But no, sweetheart, you aren't the only "introvert" who needs a night in every once in a while to recollect yourself. You aren't the only one who enjoys a good movie and popcorn and passing out on the couch in your pajamas. And you definitely aren't the only one who put that on your dating profile, I promise. For some reason I can't stand this statement and for some reason I see it time and time again in one form or another across hundreds of dating profiles. What this essentially reveals is that you are kind of a bitch, and you constantly belittle or degrade those around you.

    Maybe they think they are witty and funny, or maybe they are too afraid to take life seriously, whatever the case, they kind of come off as a nut case.

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