Should i hook up with my friends boyfriend

Also, stop being her friend. Got a fucked up question only The Betches will understand?

Email us at advice betches. Season 23, Week 2. He isn't exactly trying to keep his distance. I've tried to avoid him but I can't seem to keep my distance either and I know given the right situation something will happen again.

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  3. I slept with my best friend's boyfriend.
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  5. My best friend hooked up with my other best friend's boyfriend - Tiny Buddha.

But I have a history of wanting what I can't have so I guess my question is this: Am I wrong to test the waters and see what this could be? I don't want them to break up and then realize I just wanted him because he was "untouchable. I know this whole situation will probably end badly but I am sick of never putting my own feelings first.

I hooked up with my best friend's boyfriend - Love

Is there any hope for a happy ending here? No happy endings, CAC. You can maintain the status quo and stay guilty and smitten with your best friend's boyfriend, or you can tell Mia what happened and maybe lose her as a best friend. If you do that, you'll probably lose Darrell, too.

And if you don't, and he drops her for you, you probably won't be able to enjoy him. What can you live with? Living the rest of your life without ever kissing Darrell again?

I hooked up with my best friend’s boyfriend

Let me answer those questions for you. You said in your letter that you know that you love Mia and that you don't want to lose her. For once I was getting the attention and it felt nice Before I knew it, we were rolling around on my sleeping mat and up to no good. I am so lucky that no one came looking for us because that would have been the end of us both.

Not only would Tina never talk to me again but all our other mates would surely have disowned me for my shameful act.

After we finished our little rendezvous I stumbled back to the camp site and Jason followed a little after. I had started to sober up at this stage and still didn't know if what I thought happened had really just happened.

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Tina was having a great time and came over to me to check if I was OK because I was looking a little lost. She hugged me and pulled me up to dance. I vainly tried to act happy and normal.

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  • The next day I awoke with a terrible headache and sinking feeling in my stomach. Everyone kind a noticed my sullen mood and asked if I was OK.

    My best friend hooked up with my other best friend's boyfriend

    I put it down to a nasty hangover. Jason and I could not make eye contact, which only confirmed for me what we did in fact do the night before.

    As we were packing up and a few of the others were struggling with a tent, Jason quickly came over to me and began operation cover-up. He started apologising, informing me that it was complete accident and a mistake on his part and that he never should have got involved with me like this. I just wanted it all to disappear. He told me that Tina could never find out as it would kill her. I completely agreed and told him that I would never mention it to Tina as it would end my friendship with her.

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    • We both agreed to keep it a secret between us. We left the camp site and Tina was none the wiser. I put on a happy face so no one would suspect anything. Why would they though?