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I kept in touch and I was patient. She finally said yes to meeting in person and the date was set. She traveled from Topeka to Manhattan Kansas. We had decided to meet at Olive Garden, and as I was walking up to the doors I was on my cell phone guiding Frances to me from her car. As soon as I saw her I knew — this beautiful white smile and curly black hair walked right in front of me and that was it.

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We took a seat in the restaurant and we hit it off so great that we forgot to order our food! Since that first date we have been through two deployments, a beautiful son, and one hell of a happy life. What makes us perfect for each other is that we are best friends.

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We are that couple that pushes each other to do great in life. With four kids between us, school, deployments, and careers we always find a way to balance everything out.

Is The Meet-Cute Dead?

At the end of the day she is my all, and I am hers. On July 27, I got a message on Zoosk from a very good looking guy in the Army. That was the start of the most annoying relationship I would ever have!

The guy would not leave me alone! James was always messaging me and calling me even when I would ignore him.

10 first-date success stories that will restore your faith in love

Finally, I gave in and started talking to him regularly. I learned he was in the Army based in Virginia. Those first four months we had to be just friends and get to know each other online. But as time went on our talks got longer and longer and I found myself talking to him more and more.

After chatting with him about three months I cancelled my Zoosk subscription because I knew I only wanted to talk to James. Then, after five months of a total internet friendship, he came home to Florida and we had our first date at a park. Jump forward about two months and Jamie was asking me to marry him a week before his 22 birthday at his annual military ball.

Now we have day till our wedding!!!

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I am so thankful that I answered that annoying Army boy and that he was so persistent in pursuing me. He truly is the man of my dreams. One evening I logged in and saw a message from a military guy and figured that I would go ahead and chat with him and maybe make a new friend. We started to chat and a few days later he asked to meet me for coffee.

10 first-date success stories that will restore your faith in love | Metro News

I agreed and we met and hit it off. He ended up sweeping me off my feet and regardless of everyone telling me I was crazy, we married on May 23, It was the best thing I ever did and I have never been happier. I am in the Navy and, at the time, had just gotten home from a deployment. We started to talk and hit it off right off the bat. I asked her to coffee the next day and we went on from there.

Three months after asking her to be my girlfriend she became my wife. I never thought I would find my true love online but it goes to show anything can happen to anyone, anywhere.

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I have never been happier and look forward to our bright and crazy future. I loved him so much and he made me so happy so of course I would wait. When I first started online dating, I was nervous about meeting someone. Then, after a few weeks I got a message from Phil. The first time we met we hung out at the mall near his apartment.

But I liked him right away, and as time went on we really got to know each other. The second time we met I actually stayed at his apartment until 4: He drove me home and said goodnight without making any moves and I really appreciated it. He had manners and that really impressed me. And that was really the start of our relationship. After a few months of dating, we were engaged in March. He had joined the army and was leaving for basic training in April and I knew I would wait for him.

If your friend is down to share insight or details about her cute coworker you met at happy hour, you have yet another advantage. The same goes for any warning signs, too. Meet-cutes also benefit from their instantaneous nature. When you meet someone on an app, the initial banter might be awesome, but whether that spark or chemistry exists is still TBD. And dating apps do offer some of the same benefits as meeting IRL.

In fact, some experts think that the difference between the meet-cute versus meeting on an app or online is overstated. Whether those potential partners pans out into an actual relationship is a different story, he says, adding: For me, it was during college, a decade ago. Plus, when you meet someone doing a shared activity, you already have something in common.