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Cooney was also found guilty of repeatedly swearing at other members of staff, and regularly swearing about patients when discussing them with staff. She was placed under a conditions of practice order, which required her to work with a mentor and take an anger management course. In fact, the NMC has repeatedly been warned about its soft-touch approach before these recent judgments were made.

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A nurse who was sacked for hitting a patient and charged with common assault was allowed by the NMC to remain working file picture. The Council for Healthcare Regulatory Excellence says the patient appeared to have suffered psychological harm, as she was left seriously distressed after the incident — as, indeed, anyone would be when attacked by someone who is supposed to be in charge of their care.

It said it had given the NMC panel specific guidance on not repeating this error. In another alarming case cited by the CHRE, a nurse named only as Mrs Marshall had illegally cashed a number of large cheques from an elderly resident at a care home where she worked over a period of two years. This was after it concluded that she had not been dishonest. Once again, the NMC panel had decreed that the patient had suffered no harm, because she had not suffered actual physical injuries.

Most damningly, in September Harry Cayton, chief executive of the CHRE, harshly criticised some panels for siding with nurses in blaming patients as the cause of their malpractice. He cited one case where the nurse had received a police caution for battery of a patient. Patients are being let down by the Nursing and Midwifery Council NMC because of 'failings at every level', the report has found.

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But a succession of weak leadership has failed to created the modern, effective and efficient regulator that the public, nurses and midwives need and deserve, the review found. Despite a 'strong passion for public protection' among staff, the report found problems 'at every level, in every system'. The report revealed that the number of cases being dealt with by the NMC had risen by almost 50 per cent since , to more than 4, cases. But delays in investigating complaints caused a backlog, and 1, are yet to be heard.

Nmc dating patients

About a third of cases carry forward into the next year, and some cases take up to five years to close. Bad morale has led to resignation and acceptance of poor standards among staff and almost a third of them leaving within the last year. The report outlines 15 recommendations in which it says new leadership is vital to 'provide and sustain clear direction' to ensure public protection and public confidence in the NMC, and to challenge its culture of 'resigned resilience'.

Jackie Smith, the NMC's acting chief executive and registrar, apologised for what she called its 'substantial failings'. It is clear that the NMC has not delivered effective and efficient regulation, and we are committed to putting that right. Change is already under way and will continue, to ensure the NMC's focus is wholly on public protection.

Louise Silverton, deputy general secretary of the Royal College of Midwifery , said the report should be 'a wake-up call'. We need to find a way forward that embraces change. Gail Adams, Unison head of nursing , said: Meanwhile, Unite, which represents other health service workers, said the fee hike should be withdrawn. Unite's lead professional officer, Obi Amadi said: Public Health Minister Anne Milton said: In another case he cited, a nurse who physically threatened a patient who had suffered a stroke.

Dating patients

Perhaps we should just point out the principal function of the NMC, as set out in We hope another patient is not made to pay a heavy price for these decisions. The aim, clearly, is to rid the NMC of the kind of professional self-interest that can prompt soft-touch disciplinary procedures.

Certainly, something radical needs to be done with the troubled regulator. The NMC is being run by a temporary chief, after its chairman and chief executive departed abruptly in recent months.

Nmc dating patients

Meanwhile, the disciplinary procedures are dogged by a significant backlog of cases. The new CHRE report says about 1, cases are still awaiting investigations and hearings. Domestic violence is a serious VAWA provides coverage for dating In the first "discovery," Freud initially reported that female patients in.

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