Black ops 2 matchmaking slow

Finally, the game won't support mod tools.

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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PC won't support mods or rental servers | Shacknews!
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Steve Watts posted a new article, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PC won't support mods or rental servers. COD still warrants PC releases?

This is ridiculous!! WHY Matchmaking is so slow af - Activision Community

It seems like they want to head in that direction any way with elite and developer only servers. So it'll have dedicated servers but only as long as activision wants to pay for them. That sounds like a wonderful idea!

Black Ops 2 RAGE! RANT about the Servers, Matchmaking, and Game in General!

Glad I dropped this shit after it went to their heads with MW2. It's sad that this will sell a fuckton, just like the last three ones. There are much better FTPs out there, and their devs even have respect for the players.

I'll take this solution over the nonsense servers Black Ops had. The abundance of "tactical," "No claymore," "No running," "Crouch only," no fun servers in Black Ops was insane. For me, Call of Duty is the type of game that benefits from the console style matchmaking.

Call of Duty

You get to play the game, with all of the tools available to you, on all of the maps. The regular rooms for me are just too chaotic and not fun. That's true, I only play when my friend ask me too.

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I'm not anti COD or anything but the series has become so stale and repetitive that they are no longer on my watch list. That's pretty much me.

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MW3 didn't really grab me Its been so long since I played a CoD game enough to even waste breath or keystrokes mentioning that it doesn't seem all that stale add to that the fact that I can play the same game over and over for years if its good I'm not sure if another CoD could pull me away from Tribes Ascend though. For all its flaws, T: A is still my favorite game out this year its one of the FPS games out there these days that even tries to have movement more complicated than "mash down a key and maybe hit shift to sprint because holding two keys down is some hard shit man" You can view the revised policy here.

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  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 PC won't support mods or rental servers | Shacknews.
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