Ways to know your dating a high quality man

I greatly appreciate it. I think that was a great list of good qualities — but not of a high value man, but an extremely exceptional man. Yes, you probably will, but jumping in your car to drive in the middle of the night to read a paper is not one of them! Im not going to argue or anything.

Just saying i know this for a fact. Appreciate you writing this! Patience was very difficult for me to learn. I have had quality guys who were over the moon and ready to just dive in.

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When others were happy to jump right in, this was a distraction making quality men difficult to decipher. High value men go carefully into relationships and know the women they want to date very well.

Also, you said this a few ways, but the biggest thing a high value man does is meet my needs. He anticipates my needs before I realize it. He looks at me and knows and responds to what I need just reading my body language and expression. This is maybe too picky, and none of my friends have this in their man.

Honest and walks his talk. Some men will say what you want to hear in order to get what they want. Honesty is so crucial and seems to be hard for lots of men.

Honesty can mean telling the truth about something that is uncomfortable to admit. This shows courage and a real man, in my opinion.

Dedicated to your stories and ideas.

And yes ladies, those guys are out there. They may not look like a million buck but when u get the time to know them, u can see these traits. Running away or quitting at the first sign of conflict is the mark of an immature boy, not a mature man. Ive just had a complete break through.

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In the past, I have not dated or sought out high value men. I now know what Im looking for and I cant wait to find it. I did think I meet that guy when I went to see him and spent 2 weeks it fell apart and we parted as friends. Not easy to know if anything he said was ever true. A guy I knew long time want me to submit to have sex with him. Suppose that he want friends with benefits with me. I know two of them who satisfy most of the 15 criteria; they are married to people close to me. Still, this article has practical significance: When our appetite is whetted by this vision of a high-value guy, it motivates us to be a high-value woman.

Victoria, your number 1 resonates with me. Th guys actually exist? This guys actually exist?

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I envision Matthew and Stephen sitting across from each other arguing about what traits to include in this article and what not to. I was going through your list generally, and of course I would want to find all of these in one man…someday…but I started to apply them to my last relationship. He fit into 10 of the He would probably argue that he meets all 15 without question. But the meaning behind some of those is different to me than it would be to him.

But he did not have some of the base qualities. There are no value qualities on your list pertaining to respect-trust-forgiveness-honesty. Having an opening listing out the basic values, morals etc could help some people. It was a refreshing change to see you write this. I think a high value guy also appreciates and understands that we are are biologically and neurologically programmed differently than men.

I love dating a man that acknowledges, understands and even embraces these facts. Made me really realize what I have. So grateful for the wisdom both you and Matt have imparted on matters of the heart. He is willing to let go of his desire to flirt with other woman if he sees it makes you truly sad cuz you love him! I even came to a point i wanted to renounce man cuz i want to feel like a respected goddess in his heart but rare are man who get it…or who want just one woman!

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So i prefer to stay alone than being hurt… I guess i have to do it myself! I know…i mean create this reality? So i am not alone in this! I too dreamt of such a man, and was firm that wont let any man in my life who doesnt beleive in commitments…. Stephen, thanks so much for writing this. I know that this guy you wrote about is really what I should hold out for. I feel so lucky! I love this site! This is a great list. After reading this I thought wow! Where can I find a guy such as this? I agree with what Ariana said in regards to how crucial and significant the article is, I am marking it too.

I felt like it is a good list to go over every now and then to make sure that we are on track and more of like a self reminder of what needs to be worked on, I guess. Having said that, some people out there might argue the accuracy of this article and they might challenge the existence of such magical being.

And that does not matter because I know for a fact that Matthew is a living example of all you have talked about and I am pretty sure that you are as well. Thank you both for all of your teachings! YES Stephen, I agree with everything on the list! Love this, sending it to my friends. As usual I find what you say incredibly useful and fascinating to read. I can look back on past relationships and see that they all had some of these characteristics but none of them had all of them.

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  5. I will keep the in mind as I continue dating. This is a fantastic article! I will certainly bookmark it, and probably even print it out to hang on some magnetic surface. This is the kind of man to hold out for! I also want to add, which you touched on a bit, that a high value man is open to exploring his own emotional experience. Communication is important to me, because it allows us to talk about the things that are going well, and the things that could use work.

    A man who values honest, respectful, and open communication… winner winner, chicken dinner! Another thing would be, he takes interest in some of your passions. Thanks for the article. It was interesting to read and inspiring to find out all the featuers and behaviors a high value man…I am quite doubtful that such man exists, it looks as an ideal. Does it lower the value of the guy? While I do believe — and have seen proof — that the advice and programs I provide can help you improve your love life , please understand that not everyone will experience the exact same results.

    To get the best results, you must use the advice I give you.